Home Experiments

Some key points from a presentation by club member, Graham Dawson

Graham’s presentation offered advice to members on how to make use of the dark winter nights.

Why experiment?
o You learn about your camera; what it can do, what you can do
o Create a catalogue of "stock" images which can be used for future projects/competitions
o Improve your skills and knowledge

Potential subject matter
o Candles
o Ornaments
o Cutlery
o Decorations
o Liquids (e.g. water, milk, food colourings, cream)
o Christmas lights
o Incense sticks
o Flowers
o Fruit
o Toys
o Marbles
o String
o jewellery

Photographing candles
o In a dark room:
> Camera on a tripod
> Switch off vibration reduction/camera shake
> Aperture priority, (f11 or as high as you can get)
> Timer delay (2 secs or more) or remote
> Focus on front of candle
> Light the candle
> Switch off the lights
> Take the picture

Try different lighting techniques
o Window light (morning - evening)
o Flash gun (straight - bounced)
o Torch light
o Candle light

Try a slow-sync selfie
o Indoors or outside
o Set camera to shutter speed priority (Tv or S) and use 1/2 sec shutter speed
o Or use Night Portrait mode.
o Activate pop-up flash or speedlight
o Use wide angle setting (zoom out)
o Auto focus
o Hold camera at arm’s length, slightly raised above eye level
o Move in a circle, standing, or turn on a swivelling chair
o Press the shutter

Spring Clean Your pictures
o Discard "rubbish" pictures
o Keep the "treasured memories", even if they're not masterpieces
o Organise your pictures; know what you have and where they are
o Do not keep all your pictures on your main computer, unless you have a full separate back up
o Have at least two copies of your most important pictures