This News page effectively replaces our monthly newsletter. All news and information updates for members will be found here and all members are encouraged to submit items which may be of general interest to other members.

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May 6th 2019

Next meeting, Tuesday May 14th, competition theme 'Wind' and (hopefully) presentation from Andy. If Andy can't make it at the last minute, Alan and Vera will share the evening.

For those keen, or even curious, about our new Facebook page, Nick has provided a link - you must first sign up for a Facebook account then request to join the camera club group which isn't open to the general public. If you have any problems, Debs is our Social Media manager.

Follow this link;

April 12th 2019

We have a new facebook page, set up and run by Debs; "Camera Club Skellingthorpe ". For users of the previous facebook page, please note it is no longer controlled or monitored by us and all interested members are urged to register with, and use, our new page.

April 10th 2019

Last nights meeting didn't see much camera swopping but even though the turnout was fairly low, members took the chance to see the new slide scanner in action - which Jill is currently using - and the off camera flash modifiers found some interest. Plus we all enjoyed the time to have a good chat with each other ...

Rick and Graham shared first place in the 'Ice' competition with Phil and Hans joint second. Everyone else came joint third.

April 7th 2019

We now have more than 650 images on the site so next month is spring cleaning time. I will remove all images which were added more than 2 years ago; if you have any older than this and want to keep them on the site, let me know. You have 4 weeks.

March 28th 2019

The July 'Out and About' meeting will be at the Lincoln Mosque. More than 14 members expressed their interest in visiting the Mosque for both inside and outside photography and once I have confirmed timings with the Imam, I'll update everyone. Checking the general dress and protocol relevant to our visit, I see that arms and legs must be covered (long sleeves, long trousers), ladies should cover their hair (not compulsory but a welcome gesture), all mobile phones switched off (or vibrate only) and not used while inside and shoes must be left outside the main prayer areas. If there's anything else we need to be aware of, I'll let you know.

By way of thanks, I would like to donate £100 from club funds for the Mosque. Please let me know if you have strong objections. This amount is less than we will have paid our external speaker in June.

March 19th 2019

Now that our membership numbers have settled down, I think it's time to start a mini advertising and recruiting campaign to attract some new people and ideas into our club. Having recently removed a number of members details from my email distribution list, I have just 26 on my list. These are members who have paid annual subs; anyone who hasn't yet paid and joins later will of course be added to the list. If you get a chance to sing the praises of our club, feel free to sing ...

Membership numbers don't bother me too much; I would rather we had 26 interested and active members instead of 50 who simply have nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening.

March 13th 2019

Debs has kindly agreed to take on the role of monitoring and controlling our Facebook page, your current committee is now; Graham (Chairman), Rick (Treasurer), Katy, Debs and Derek. In addition, I currently hold the club projector, Rick has the studio flash kit, Malcolm has the display boards, Katy is looking after the laptop and Jill now holds the slide scanner. We do however need someone else to take over the care and storage of the display boards so anyone who has some available, dry, space, let me know.

Feb 22nd 2019

This is a copy of my email to all members, sent 22nd Feb. 2019;

"As you should already know, a monthly newsletter will no longer be sent out, all the latest information on club activity will be posted on the 'News' page of our website. I urge you to look at this on a regular basis and if you're looking for information but can't find it, contact me via this 'chairman' email address.

A few important points for now;

All 2019 annual membership fees must be paid by the end of our March meeting. After that date, emails will be sent only to registered (and paid) members.

Another reminder to review your own folders; remove, refresh, replace any images you believe to be unworthy of your talents, consider it time to add something new. Folders and images from members who haven't renewed their membership will be removed later in March.

Feb 14th 2019

A reminder of some details about the Mini Exhibition which will form our October 8th meeting;
Produce 6 images, linked by any theme of your choice, maximum print size 7x5in.
Present them in any way suitable for viewing.
All images must have been taken between February and October 2019.
The October meeting may be opened to friends and family of members.
Members may be asked to speak about their presentations.
Images of presentations may be added to our website.

Feb 13th 2019

Last nights meeting saw our new chairman deliver his ideas and hopes for the forthcoming year including an insight into a few of the competition themes and details of the mini exhibition planned for October. All members were encouraged to submit more images, refresh their own folders or even start one of their own.

Rick and Nick were winner and runner up in the 'Markets' competition, Debs (newly enrolled committee member - thanks Debs) shared her birthday cakes with members and a side table of WhiteWall printing examples helped provide variety to the evening.