This News page effectively replaces our monthly newsletter. All news and information updates for members will be found here and all members are encouraged to submit items which may be of general interest to other members.

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March 19th 2019

Yesterday saw the Day Trippers at Cusworth Hall and Museum, the weather was (mostly) kind and everyone enjoyed a variety of shooting opportunities including architecture, landscapes, wildlife, flowers and trees and even some very high ISO indoor shots. The cafe served a varied menu - including a Mexican breakfast - and car parking was free as someone stole the ticket machine three months ago! So, not a bad day at all, good choice Chris, thanks.

Now that our membership numbers have settled down, I think it's time to start a mini advertising and recruiting campaign to attract some new people and ideas into our club. Having recently removed a number of members details from my email distribution list, I have just 26 on my list. These are members who have paid annual subs; anyone who hasn't yet paid and joins later will of course be added to the list. If you get a chance to sing the praises of our club, feel free to sing ...

Membership numbers don't bother me too much; I would rather we had 26 interested and active members instead of 50 who simply have nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening.

March 13th 2019

Congratulations to Rick for his winning 'Culture' entry which was a composite of images of both the Mosque and Cathedral in Lincoln. Sally, Nick and Derek were popular runners up.

Members seem to be coping well without the monthly newsletter and everyone was asked to submit any relevant news for inclusion here. Several members also expressed interest in bringing guests to our October meeting and the mini exhibition so the club committee will consider options to expand the format of that evening.

Nick teased everyone with his mystery object which a few members correctly identified (but not me) as a film leader retriever - apparently an invaluable tool used in the dark ages of film photography. There is a 2 minute YouTube video on how to use one if you're interested.

Debs has kindly agreed to take on the role of monitoring and controlling our Facebook page, your current committee is now; Graham (Chairman), Rick (Treasurer), Katy, Debs and Derek. In addition, I currently hold the club projector, Rick has the studio flash kit, Malcolm has the display boards, Katy is looking after the laptop and Nick is testing the slide scanner. We do however need someone else to take over the care and storage of the display boards so anyone who has some available, dry, space, let me know.

We had considered buying a slide/film scanner for members to use in helping them digitise their collection of older images taken with older technology. Dez has kindly donated one he no longer uses and Nick is currently trying out the piece of kit; if all goes well, we'll make the scanner available to all members.

Our April meeting is a 'camera swop' evening when members and their cameras will be paired with other members and their own cameras. The idea is that they will then each explain what bells and whistles their cameras have and invite their partner to try it for themselves, including taking a few shots; members will therefore have the chance to experience different technology. They will also need to know their way around their own camera!

I will also set up a side table at the April meeting comprising a selection of light modifiers for attaching to flash guns which can be used to achieve many different effects especially when using flash off camera.

Finally, my thanks again to those members who submitted images for last nights meeting and also to Katy for making sure they were all suitably projected.

March 7th 2019

I have now received 50 images from a total of 12 club members for presentation next Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who helped to ensure we all have something to look at and (probably) learn from. I have yet to decide the running order but I'm determined that every image submitted will be shown.

The table competition theme is 'Culture' and I look forward to the variety of interpretations of this theme; I have tried to come up with something different for my own entries and, as always, thought long and hard about the theme. Shame I couldn't track down a belly dancer in time as I had some great ideas for long exposures and swirling skirts.

Feb 26th 2019

*** I recently directed members to some free HDR software which I have tried (and am impressed with) and I know some of you have also tried it. Well, here's some more free stuff ... At our last meeting, we saw some options from WhiteWall commercial printers, now we have an offer of some free prints from another well respected commercial printers; One Vision Imaging.

The offer was published in a recent copy of Practical Photography magazine and is valid until 17th March; everyone can claim five free 10x8in or 12x8in prints on either lustre or gloss paper, postage will cost you £2.49. Upload 5 images to onevisionimaging, follow the instructions and enter the exclusive voucher code PP18PRACT. I'll be interested to know if anyone tries it, I certainly will.

*** How many of you have started planning your October mini exhibition shots?

Feb 22nd 2019

This is a copy of my email to all members, sent 22nd Feb. 2019;

"As you should already know, a monthly newsletter will no longer be sent out, all the latest information on club activity will be posted on the 'News' page of our website. I urge you to look at this on a regular basis and if you're looking for information but can't find it, contact me via this 'chairman' email address.

A few important points for now;

*** All 2019 annual membership fees must be paid by the end of our March meeting. After that date, emails will be sent only to registered (and paid) members.

*** Our March meeting is 'Members Night' when your images - any style, any age - will be projected and you may be asked to say a few words about them. Your images may well generate comments and questions from other members so be prepared. Please submit no more than 4 images, each of at least 3 Mb size, by emailing them to me at this address; if you have any problems let me know and we can master the technology together!

*** Another reminder to review your own folders; remove, refresh, replace any images you believe to be unworthy of your talents, consider it time to add something new. Folders and images from members who haven't renewed their membership will be removed later in March.

Feb 14th 2019

*** A reminder of some details about the Mini Exhibition which will form our October 8th meeting;
Produce 6 images, linked by any theme of your choice, maximum print size 7x5in.
Present them in any way suitable for viewing.
All images must have been taken between February and October 2019.
The October meeting may be opened to friends and family of members.
Members may be asked to speak about their presentations.
Images of presentations may be added to our website.

Feb 13th 2019

Last nights meeting saw our new chairman deliver his ideas and hopes for the forthcoming year including an insight into a few of the competition themes and details of the mini exhibition planned for October. All members were encouraged to submit more images, refresh their own folders or even start one of their own.

Rick and Nick were winner and runner up in the 'Markets' competition, Debs (newly enrolled committee member - thanks Debs) shared her birthday cakes with members and a side table of WhiteWall printing examples helped provide variety to the evening.