This News page effectively replaces our monthly newsletter. All news and information updates for members will be found here and all members are encouraged to submit items which may be of general interest to other members.

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September 13th 2019

Congratulations to Nick and Phil as joint winners of our 'Human Portrait' competition and to Derek for a worthy 3rd place.

Our latest club night welcomed Steve Smailes who spoke of his experiences as a freelance photographer whose work is regularly featured on the Lincolnite website. He also has his own site as a wedding photographer.

At our meeting next month we host our own mini exhibition which also serves as our monthly competition - any 6 images, taken since February 2019 and linked in some way, printed to maximum size 7x5 and presented in whatever format members choose. We will have our display boards available and plenty of table top space.

I'm hoping for a very good turn out especially as the evening is open for members to invite friends and family. Voting papers will be available to all members and guests and winners will be announced just before 9.30. We also hope to photograph all the collections/exhibits and show them on our website.

Guests will be free to arrive and leave at any time between 7.30 and 9.30 and members will be responsible for looking after (and controlling) their guests. Please remember we are all guests of the school and must respect everything in the building and grounds.

September 8th 2019

Latest Day Trippers news from Chris;

"This months day trippers will be to Stanage Edge near Hathersage in the Peak District National Park. The venue has some beautiful views across the park but has no local facilities ie no permanent food or drink outlets. Stanage Edge basically only offers opportunities for landscape and big sky photography. There may also be some sheep and wildlife about but it is a bit late in the year for most of the birds.

There are a number of car parks in the area but I propose to use Hollin Bank Car Park as it is the only one with toilets. This car park has the added advantage, for those wishing to get the widest angled views, that the path up onto the top of the edge is less demanding than other sections of the edge. The charge is £4 for 4 hours or £4.75 for all day.

Recommendations; Food and drink, sensible clothing and shoes, tripod and filters if you have them.
Journey time is approximately 1hr 30mins. Leave Skellingthorpe at 10:00 or meet at Hollin Bank car park"

Thanks to everyone who has recently submitted more new images, special thanks and congratulations to Emma (our newest and youngest member) for her first folder images. However, we still have the majority of members who aren't sharing the results of their photographic endeavours .... Personally, I have a few hundred images from shoots over the past few months still waiting to be sorted and processed but I'll get them done as soon as I can - honest!

If you need a reminder about the October mini exhibition, scroll down to the Feb.14th news entry and remember that friends and family are welcome to attend and view the entries. You might also wish to bring your camera to capture the results of all the effort which I know you're all putting into this venture.

I've started putting a few ideas together for the October committee meeting when we hope to agree on the 2020 programme and I'm grateful to those members who have made useful suggestions and comments. All members are encouraged to contact me with more ideas for next year; speakers, activity, competition themes, rule/format changes, website changes ... We're always hoping for more volunteers to join the committee; the pay is awful, the hours are long, the work is back breaking and the thanks are non existent but of course none of this is true. What is true is that there is no club without a committee to organise everything.

August 16th 2019

At our last meeting, we said farewell to Andy who managed to call in just hours before the removal van pulled up on his drive. Andy has been a valued and active member for several years and we thank him for his support as a member and as a club secretary. Perhaps we'll see some of his images on another clubs website.

Derek kindly volunteered to store and look after the display easel which Andy returned; we'll need the easel for our October meeting when we our invite friends and family to our mini exhibition.

Club committee members will meet on Tuesday October 1st, 7.30pm at the Stone Arms, Skellingthorpe. I want us to review club activity during the past months and start preparing the club diary for next year. I encourage all members to contact me with their views, comments and suggestions for future club activity and competition themes.

July 11th 2019

A new section has been added to show the images from those who attended our recent visit to Lincoln Mosque. I thought the visit was both educational and inspiring and the images that are starting to come through show some of the wonderful photo opportunities we were offered.

June 14th 2019

Our June 11th meeting welcomed Chris Upton who gave us his 'Thoresby Colliery' presentation consisting of a variety of projected images, large prints and copies of the book he produced as a result of his project. Many members expressed their admiration of his project and the quality of his images, I think it was one of the best guest presentations we've ever had and we plan to invite him back early next year.

The Day Trippers group continues to thrive due largely to the efforts of Chris who researches the possibilities for a productive day of photography without travelling too far afield, without spending too much cash but offering a variety of photo opportunities. In recognition of his work for the Day Trippers group, Chris was presented with a wooden bowl hand made by Barry and the thanks of all members. Fortunately, a few phone cameras were able to successfully record the event.

May 6th 2019

For those keen, or even curious, about our new Facebook page, Nick has provided a link - you must first sign up for a Facebook account then request to join the camera club group which isn't open to the general public. If you have any problems, Debs is our Social Media manager.

Follow this link;

April 12th 2019

We have a new facebook page, set up and run by Debs; "Camera Club Skellingthorpe ". For users of the previous facebook page, please note it is no longer controlled or monitored by us and all interested members are urged to register with, and use, our new page.

March 13th 2019

Debs has kindly agreed to take on the role of monitoring and controlling our Facebook page, your current committee is now; Graham (Chairman), Rick (Treasurer), Katy, Debs and Derek. In addition, I currently hold the club projector, Rick has the studio flash kit, Malcolm has the display boards and Katy is looking after the laptop. We do however need someone else to take over the care and storage of the display boards so anyone who has some available, dry, space, let me know.

Feb 22nd 2019

This is a copy of my email to all members, sent 22nd Feb. 2019;

"As you should already know, a monthly newsletter will no longer be sent out, all the latest information on club activity will be posted on the 'News' page of our website. I urge you to look at this on a regular basis and if you're looking for information but can't find it, contact me via this 'chairman' email address.

Feb 14th 2019

A reminder of some details about the Mini Exhibition which will form our October 8th meeting;
Produce 6 images, linked by any theme of your choice, maximum print size 7x5in.
Present them in any way suitable for viewing.
All images must have been taken between February and October 2019.
The October meeting may be opened to friends and family of members.
Members may be asked to speak about their presentations.
Images of presentations may be added to our website.

Feb 13th 2019

Last nights meeting saw our new chairman deliver his ideas and hopes for the forthcoming year including an insight into a few of the competition themes and details of the mini exhibition planned for October. All members were encouraged to submit more images, refresh their own folders or even start one of their own.

Rick and Nick were winner and runner up in the 'Markets' competition, Debs (newly enrolled committee member - thanks Debs) shared her birthday cakes with members and a side table of WhiteWall printing examples helped provide variety to the evening.