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January 9th 2020

Next Tuesday is a mix of practical and theory with members doing most of the work so I'm really looking forward to it!

It's a 'Camera Group' evening, similar to the meeting last year but the format is widened to include not just your camera(s) but also the accessories you may use, either frequently or rarely. So, please bring along ALL YOUR KIT and be prepared to show, explain and demonstrate how it works and why and when you use it. I'm thinking of filters, tripods, flash guns and modifiers, remote release cables or electronics. As you may well be asked some awkward questions perhaps bring along your instruction books to help.

What you learn this evening may help you next month as we have Diane Seddon running a practical evening with moving lights so you must be able to take long exposures (up to 30 secs.) ideally using tripod and remote releases. If you're likely to encounter problems with this, get help next week.

I have the voting papers for Picture of the Year and you have your entries for the 'Abandoned' competition. Now that we can submit images up to one year old, I expect - at least I hope - to see more entries on the monthly competition table.

Rick and Derek will be very pleased to take your annual subs and monthly subs next week and you might like to bring spare cash for all the photo car boot items you can take away with you.

December 31st 2019

Last day of this year ... time to add a few final notes before 2020 lands upon us and I hope it's a healthy and happy year for everyone.

January means that your club annual subs of £15.00 are due and the new monthly subs of £2.50 also takes effect. On the plus side, you can submit competition entries taken anytime during the past 12 months - the January theme is 'Abandoned'. We will also be voting for the 'Picture of the Year' and while I hope to briefly show the 2019 contenders, you can review all 13 entries on our Hall of Fame website page; August and April have joint winners and the October winner (exhibition collection) is excluded.

For the first time, we will also have a 'showcase' table for members to display larger format prints. These will not be part of the current competition and can be any size greater than 10x8 inches, any subject, any age. We will also have a "bring it - sell it - buy it - give-it-away" table. A sort of car boot sale for anything related to photography. If you have something not even remotely connected to photography but are keen to offer it to club members then bring it. Please be aware that if your kit doesn't find a new home on the evening, you must take it back! I'll lay out my own collection with suitable labels (name, price etc).

The main event of the evening is described as Camera Group which I'm told members shared last January but as I missed that evening, I'm not sure how it went! However, as I'm starting to experiment with phone camera technology, I'll be interested to pick up some tips and ideas from those more experienced with this technology. This is a great chance to learn more about the possibilities and limitations of your own camera, perhaps explore some of the bells and whistles you might have previously ignored. As there's quite a variety of activity for our January meeting, your refreshment break can be taken whenever it suits you.

I've stumbled across a few interesting websites which members might find interesting; the Royal Photographic Society has a newly refreshed site at . It has a list of events, exhibitions and inspiration and is certainly worth a look. You don't have to join! Unsplash is great for ideas for competition themes, just type in the competition theme and see what inspires you. If you're into nostalgia, you'll enjoy the collection from public archives at . Finally, lovers of wildlife images should visit the very best of wildlife photography at

December 11th 2019

At the AGM, members voted to approve the increase in monthly subs to £2.50, approve the election of the current committee for a further year and agreed to change the monthly competition rule from 6 months to 12 months. These take effect immediately.

Images from our February presenter, Diane Seddon, can be seen on her own site here;

Congratulations to Nick and his winning 'Sparkles' image and to Vera and Debs as joint second while our raffle raised over £54 for charity. Members also discussed opportunities to raise our profile and increase membership numbers so we'll action some suggestions over the coming months.

October 11th 2019

Our latest club night saw submissions to our exhibition and competition from 20 members and we had a further 21 visitors, all friends and family of members. This was a truly remarkable turnout which I doubt we shall ever exceed. The whole evening was an experiment; combining an exhibition with the competition; tasking members to produce and display 6 connected images; giving them 9 months to prepare; inviting friends and family of members to attend, and inviting them to vote and to have a system of 'blind' voting.

By far the most satisfying aspect to the evening for me at least was that so many members submitted entries. A massive amount of thought and hard work went into the displays which so many enjoyed and everyone who took part should feel proud of their achievements.

Feb 14th 2019

A reminder of some details about the Mini Exhibition which will form our October 8th meeting;
Produce 6 images, linked by any theme of your choice, maximum print size 7x5in.
Present them in any way suitable for viewing.
All images must have been taken between February and October 2019.
The October meeting may be opened to friends and family of members.
Members may be asked to speak about their presentations.
Images of presentations may be added to our website.

Feb 13th 2019

Last nights meeting saw our new chairman deliver his ideas and hopes for the forthcoming year including an insight into a few of the competition themes and details of the mini exhibition planned for October. All members were encouraged to submit more images, refresh their own folders or even start one of their own.